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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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Will not power up No light

One day the mini would not power up.


1: no power light

2: No startup sound.

As if the Power supply is bad and or or no AC power coming in.

1: How to test the power supply unit? ruling out the Mainboard.

2: I have inspected the main board to the best of my abilities and see no visible damage.



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Double check your outlet and power cord make sure both are working. If they are the likely hood is the power supply is gone. As for testing not very easy as you’ll need to fully remove it and probe the unit checking the voltages while its live which can be dangerous!

Here’s the IFIXIT guide: Mac mini Late 2012 Power Supply Replacement And here’s the needed part: Mac mini A1347 (Late 2012-Late 2014) Power Supply

Update (07/01/2018)

@thesniper - With so little info its hard to gage ones skills and you didn’t offer what you had checked so I have to start off with the basics. As a reference here is the info from the service guide:

Block Image

Block Image

Mac mini A1347 (Late 2012-Late 2014) Power Supply Изображение


Mac mini A1347 (Late 2012-Late 2014) Power Supply


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While I am gratefull for your time to answer. I was smart enough to check for incoming power. as well as continuity of the cable. I was hoping for a little more insight than "check for power". I dont believe the PS is gone. Im more suspect its the main board. but then again thats why I posted to being with. Thanks anyways.


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