2 nasty camera motherboard issues: SD slot & ribbon connector

Hi all,

I'm trying to help out a friend fixing her camera ( an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II ).

The original problem is a bent contact inside the SD card slot. See picture:


Of course this is too small and deep to reach into with any tool, so I wanted to see whether the metal casing of the SD card reader component can be taken off to try and bend it back.

I found out the case it spot welded so it cannot be opened easily without damaging it further.

But now the worse problem comes ... I'm not the 1st person who gave it a try .... the person before me got to the motherboard and took the main ribbon cable out and put it very uncarefully .... Check this out:


Any tips on what to do and what not to do (before getting a new motherboard entirely ;) :

  • Drill a hole in the corner of the SD card slot to see whether we can bend the contact back?
  • And what about the ribbon slot? That ripped through pin. :? Do you think it's the one on the bottom actually providing the contact, or the one on top providing pressure? (It is too tiny to see ...)

Such a nice (and expensive) camera .... Sigh ...

Thanks for any of your help!


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