Phone overheats while charging and short battery life

Had this phone for over 5 years, overall battery life has slowly gone down since then but it used to be reliable for 2-3 days minimum on a full battery before, and I've always enjoyed having this phone so I don't want to get rid.

THEN, I started tethering it to my laptop via USB to connect the computer to the internet. Since I started doing that, it's battery won't hold at all. It will last maybe half a day if I don't use it at all, or 30-60mins if I call someone/browse internet. Even if I charge it up full then turn it off, when I turn it back on it will have only 5-10mins of life left. In order to use it I leave it plugged in at home and have got used to not having a mobile when I'm out, so basically it is a homephone now!!

I've also noticed that it heats up a LOT when it is charging, especially with low-power charging devices (i.e. not so hot when plugged into the mains, really hot when plugged into car or laptop).

I got a new battery and nothing changed. Guessing it's a CPU issue, but not sure what I can do about that. Any tips?

Model no: Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5839i

Android: 2.3.6

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