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This versatile wireless broadband router released by Verizon in 2006 supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks.

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Firmware update broke my router?

I tried updating the firmware and the firmware. After it was done, the power light and WAN light will light up, but after the power light turns green it blinks for a few seconds before the router restarts. Is there a way to fix this, or is it completely broken?

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Nova Wolf was there a problem with the router before you updated the firmware? if so what was the issue . If not why did you update it. Did you reset the router after doing the firmware update? This troubleshooting wiki may help

Verizon M1424WR Troubleshooting

It kinda sounds like a factory reset is in order. Use the reset button on the back of the router and in doing so you will need to reset passwords and user names

Hope this helps

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I’m not familiar with this router but if there is a way to reset it try that. There usually is a way.

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