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Why are certain apps acting up(not the pre-installed ones)?

My iPod Touch 4th Generation is starting to act up. All of the apps I have downloaded(the ones that dont come pre-installed) are crashing. What should I do?

PS: This started right after I downloaded the iOS 4.3.2 Software Update.

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I haven't used iOS 4.3.2 yet, but the apps you are using may not be compatible with the update. Since this update is new, developers may have not made their apps compatible yet. You may also need to try and restart the iPod and if none of that works, try restoring the device through iTunes.

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that's happened to me.. just wait a week and the app developers will probably update in itunes..


This also happened to me with my jailbroken iPhone about a year ago. I just hard reset the phone and it seemed to work. Hard resetting is holding the power and home button for ten seconds and then turning it back on.


@Chris, Thanks. I tried the hard reset but unfortunately it did not work.

@pollytintop, I will try that but so far all apps are up to date.


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