Left channel not working from time to time

So I'm using this pair of headphones, for maybe 2 or 3 months, and today, I've stumbled on this problem - the left channel doesn't work as intended, there are times when it is working, and times when it is not.

Firstly I've met with this problem when I connected the headphones with the complect audio-cable, and I thought that the problem is in the cable itself, but after, I've tried to connect them wirelessly, and the same problem was met, so I think that this is a hardware problem, and how can this be resolved?

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I've had this problem since I've bought them, I've sent them back twice and am currently going on my third pair because my warranty doesn't expire till March 2019, the first two pair had the left earphone just stop working and my current pair doesn't work properly with 3D sound in videogames plus the mic doesn't work and finally both sides are starting to go out. I will continue to return them until my warranty expires but after that I'm going to move on to a more reliable brand, which sucks because all my life I believed JBL to be top quality.


I'd be delighted to replace or repair them by the warranty too, but I live in Europe, and the headset was bought from the US JBL site, so, I think that I'll go up buying another pair from another producer. I've also heared, that there is a method of disasembling them, but it implyes working with heat gun, which I'm not strong at, also I do not thing that the problem is in the wires connected to the earcup, but in the zone of the headband (( So, most probably, this pair will find it's place somwhere in the stash... BTW, I've put my eyes on Plantronics' BackBeat PRO 2, what's your opinion related to this one?


I've found a man who is repairing headphones and he repaired mines, It took 1 month for him just to realize how to disassemble them, but fortunately he accomplished it and now the headphones are working well :D


Alguien encontró la solución a esa falla? La del canal izquierdo que deja de funcionar?


JBL..una marca en decadencia. No tiene la excelencia ni durabilidad que pregonan y su sistema de Garantía es vergonzoso. Caros y rompibles. Una payasada de marca.

Decepción total. Nunca más compro nada de esa marca. Mucha gente decepcionada por sus fallss. Les comenzó el principio de su fin.


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