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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Does anyone know of a way to recover files off of a mac?

IMPORTANT!! My mac WILL NOT boot at all no matter the command. Believe me no commands work whatsoever as I have been on the journey of trying to get this thing to boot for almost two weeks now. Any feedback is appreciated.

Update (07/13/2018)

Thank you allot for the reply! As an IT worker will this work for my windows pc?


i7 7700K

Gigabyte X399 Designare EX

ASUS GeForce GTX 1080

Corsair 2x16GB Vengeance RGB DDR4-2666

Samsung 970 Pro 1TB PCIe M.2

Samsung 970 Evo PCIe 2TB M.2

Thermaltake Floe Dual Riing RGB 280

Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium SSR-1000TR

Microsoft Windows 10

Node 202 Case

Do I need anything extra to "dock" this hard drive?

Also please send me a link to the cheapest docking station available.


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Yes I did. I just wanted to broaden my outcome. I am ordering some torx t6 and t8 scrues so I will get back to you with that led but at this point I'm considering getting my files off of my HDD, throwing away, selling or giving to someone who may have an interest in my machine. I already have a beast of a PC that I only built last year for gaming. My specifications are in my description.


@danj I'm going to sleep now, it's 12:25 in the morning. Australia has a weird time so I will get back to you at what may be the late afternoon. Cheers


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I work for as an intern for this IT company here, and we always use a hard drive docking station to make backups and recover data. A example found here

In the iMac you have you can easily take it apart and remove the harddrive and put it in a docking station, the only catch to it all is that you have to have acces to a secondary pc. A guide how to take the iMac apart can be found here: iMac Intel 20" EMC 2133 and 2210 Hard Drive Replacement

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This is the cheapest one i could find on the German amazon. https://www.amazon.de/CSL-Konverter-Lauf...

It will work on any windows/mac computer.

And just to be 100% sure here maybe @jayeff or @mayer know an even better solution?


hey! would something like this work? https://www.ebay.com.au/i/132488688378?c...

would it support my drive


Double USB connectors for no need of external power to support HDD up to 7200rpm (When lack of power, please plug the additional USB connector to the computer) So yes, it will work.


excellent thank you pal! I just need to order that and tear this thing down. In the final step of the HDD replacement video It said to use a spudger for the power connector. Is that necessary?


No it is not necessary, it just makes the job easier. But in all computer's i have build in my life i never had any problems with a HDD power cable, so you are fine without it


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If you can turn on but it won't boot then make a live Ubuntu USB, insert and turn on, when the chime ring press alt and a screen with the units apears, select the Ubuntu USB, then select "try without install", then you can access some files from there to backup. If your Mac won't turn on at all, then you have to dissasembly the Mac and take out the HD as Niels sugest.

Update (07/13/2018)

You don't need to buy a dock station to connect a HD to your PC if it's a one or two time event, just search a SATA cable that maybe you have lying around (or buy it for few euros) and connect the hard drive to your PC motherboard and power supply. To read files from Windows you need to install HFS Explorer, it's free:


Without HFS Explorer Windows will ask you to format DON'T DO IT.

Yo read the HD in your PC don't even need to install the Mac hard drive inside it if you don't let unatended it while you're making the backup of your files, Windows can be used with the case open, just be careful with pets and childs don't come close while you're on it.

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What you are saying is completely true, but it is more work and potentially dangerous for the windows pc if you do not know what you are doing. + the cable only costs 3 dollar and it might come in handy in the future too.


If he can dissasembly a Mac without destroy it, he can take the PC case door and connect 2 cables in 30 seconds without any risk, as I say before he can just connect to the motherboard if it's a one or two time event. I diassemble iMac and PC on regular basis, and to me is ridiculous how fragile and "one time use" can be most of the Apple hardware uses


Wonderful feedback Alfredo, I will use both of your feedback to bring this 2 week trial to success, so thank you. Very much


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