A1706 / EMC 3071—Released in November 2016, this 13" Macbook Pro introduces the OLED Touch Bar. Features a dual-core "Skylake" Intel Core i5 CPU and four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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How do I replace the inverter for my Touch Bar MacBook Pro(2016)?

I currently own a Macbook Pro Touch Bar(Late 2016) and when I open my laptop and after a certain angle(about 70 degrees) the screen just goes pitch black.

I have found out that this is likely because something went wrong on my inverter board, and I am trying to repair it by myself because Apple said that they won't repair the inverter board alone, but I have to pay about $750 for replacing the whole screen.

1. Please tell me if it really is the inverter board or not that is having the problem

2. How do I take apart and replace the inverter board for my laptop? I can't seem to find anything online.

Thank You.

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Sorry guy it’s not the inverter board as this system doesn’t have such a part in it. It has a LED backlight driver which is soldered to the logic board. In any case thats not the problem!

You real issue is a ribbon cable failure which unlike the older MacBook Pro retina system is perminatly part of the display assembly and not replaceable on its own. Hence, you need a new display,

Now what I can tell you is there are quite a few people encountering this problem and Apple should replace the display assembly under an extended warranty program as its so many people! So far no word on a proper program.

I would go back the the Apple Store and tell then to replace it under an warranty exception as you’ve done some research and discovered there or tons of people facing this. Just look through the IFIXIT questions here with others facing the same thing. Many were lucky as it failed during the warranty period or they had gotten AppleCare +.

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There's no inverter board on your Macbook to be replaced. It might be just a defective LVDS cable but on retina screens is not a very straightforward replacement. There's no guide here on iFixit for such problems either..you may find something on youtube. For starter you can try reseating the connector on the logic board not to let anything untried.

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hi ! Did you fix it ?


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Sounds like you'll need a new display too.


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