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APS-C mirrorless digital camera announced in February 2014. The Alpha 6000 can take pictures up to 24.3MP, and video at 1080p60. Also known as the Sony α6000.

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Why won't my SD card go all the way down?

My SD slot on my Sony A6000 will not go all the way down. It only will go about half way down in the SD slot. There is nothing in the slot that I can see. I read where a part of the SD card may have fallen in the slot but I can't see that. Can you tell me how to repair this issue?

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There is a lock switch on the side of an SD card it prevents it from going all the way in.

Block Image

If that is not the problem you might be also putting it in the wrong way. Hope this helps. Best of Luck!!!!

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I have one 16 GB card that looks exactly like this but has two tiny tabs on the top which gets it to lock into place. Any other sd card will not lock into place and I can't find any card that hast them. I am using a Sony A3000 which I have two of. I don't have this problem with the other camera. Any sandisk sd card locks in and stays in place.


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