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This device page will show users how to replace various parts of the Cannon PowerShot SX260_HS. these things including LCD Screen Replacement, Motherboard, Battery, And Shutter button

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Why does my camera say “communication error” when try to import pics?

I was on vacation importing photos each day from my camera to my iPad. Then one day when trying to import the camera screen said “communication error”. Can this be fixed or do I need a new camera. Sometimes on this trip the picture screen on the camera would wave back and forth until I tapped the screen. Then it would be ok and I could take a picture. What causes this?

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What cord are you using? once you tell me that i can help you out.

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I am using the camera cord that came when I purchased the camera along with an Apple adapter cord that has a USB connection (connecting to camera cord) and Ipad connection.


could you show me a pic of it?


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