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Replacing broken screen with a titanium screen.

Hi there!

Does anybody know if I could replace the lcd screen of a 15" G4 Powerbook 1.67 GHz with one out of a 15" titanium powerbook?

Many thanks


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Scoot Head, if you check these two links you'll find a reference for the Titanium LCD: AU Optics Corporation - PN B152W01 (works in all Titanium models). Looking at the other link, the same B152W01 is advertised for the PowerBook aluminum.



I would be not surprised that you could swap the LCDs (of the same resolution) between the two series minus the 1.67 high resolution PB G4. I often swapped iBook G4 LCDs with iBook G3 ones

.To Sascha: if you want to know your LCD model:

- open Terminal application

- paste this line:

ioreg -lw0 | grep IODisplayEDID | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6

-hit the RETURN key

Once you have the information, search on Google to find if you can get a match with a model of Aluminum PB LCD. Good luck !!

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Hi lemeris

Following your instructions, I get the same result on both machines: LTN152W3

Does that mean they are definitely compatible?




The two panels have the same model number ? So yes it should be compatible.


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They are different parts so no, you would not be able to use the Titanium LCD for the Aluminum PowerBook.

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Thought so, thanks for your answer!


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Why is it I feel like a Pakled when I go to sites like this?

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