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An Acer E1 series 15" laptop with a full numeric keyboard. The device has a webcam centered above the screen and the word "acer" centered below the screen. Model number: Z5WE3.

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Acer aspire e1-510 won't turn on

Hello, my acer won't turn on but it is charging and when I want to turn it on blue led is on for 5 seconds then it switch off and nothing happens

In service they said that motherboard is gone.

Can I fix it somehow?

I tried bake motherboard in oven but still nothing.

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try taking out the battery and then powering it up??


I tried it but still nothing


Have you tried disassembly it and make a deep clean up???


Yes I tried it :D


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it's depend on with circuit has been damaged , some parts it's possible to replace them , but the others now you need new motherboard

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