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Early 2011 model, A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 or 2.7 GHz i7 processor.

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Try to fix a coffee spilled MBP, or buy a new one?

Wife spilled coffee /w sugar on 3 week old MPB 13". She did not pull power or shut down ASAP, but tried to do a basic wipe down and flipped it upside down to drain. Power was pulled and MBP turned off an 1hr after the spill

Long story short, it sat that way for 6hr until I got home. I pulled the battery, hard drive, optical drive, fan, MB out and cleaned and dried it out as much as I could. I let it sit about 3 days in a nice dry room and when all components were dry, I put it back together. Turned it on with only battery power first, and it flickered for a sec then died, and would not come back. It will also not take a charge.

Do I continue trying to fix this 3 week old MBP by buying and swapping in new parts (MB, DC-IN, battery..etc), or cut my losses, and just go buy a new one?


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Call your insurance agent. The Deductible will probably be around $500. Get a new machine and then try messing with this one if they let you keep this money pit.

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I'd buy a new one.

When my son spilled Coke on his Dell Inspiron, it took out the motherboard, the hard drive, and the optical drive. $600 repair. It would likely be more for repairing the MacBook Pro, and who knows if it would ever be as good as new? As mayer suggests, your homeowner's or renters policy may cover the accidental damage, so you'd only be out the deductible.


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you can save a lot of money and a lot of headache if you take it to a computer repair place where they specialize in this type of thing. not an apple repair agent, all they'll do is tell you itll be 1200 to replace the logic board. there are shops that do business on ebay or other online merchants, who are highly reputable, and they have 90% success rates. i think they do something like clean it in an ultrasonic, then replace the burned out capacitors, which i think is the only problem your logic board should have at this time, as corrosion is very unlikely in this time frame. depending on who you send it to itll be $300-400, if they can fix it and free if they cant! whats to lose?

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