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Repair information for printers made by Canon.

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A recommended source to download the V4720 Service Tool.

I was wondering of a recommended source to download the Service Tool V4720 for my printer. I've learned everything there is to know about cleaning the ink absorber and putting the printer in service mode to run the program, I just can't seem to locate a reliable source on the Internet to simply download it. I'd purchase a new printer because this one only cost me about $40, only I'm on a really tight budget and have gone to the effort of meticulously cleaning and replacing the ink absorber. Anything to go on besides links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Paul

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i have service tool


reset g2000 printer canon


i need resetter Service Tool V4720


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@Fabian Ramadan sir can I have a copy of your service tool? can you email it to me at keri.bryan34@gmail.com thanks


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I have canon g3000, now it’s on waste absorber full error. Years ago these tools for canon and epson are downloadable free, but now its already for sale for the newer models. The best thing we can do is to junk these epson and canon ink jet printers and don’t buy anymore until canon will incorporate these tools and make it readily available. Just buy Brother ink jet printers because the tool is incorporated in the printers maintenance mode so you can easily reset waste absorber full error.

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Thanks for the advice regarding the PIXMA MG5622. I’ll be getting in touch with Cannon customer service soon regarding the matter. In my opinion it’s not a fair situation that people on tight budget have to worry about this. It cost me over $25 alone just for the fitting dust cover. It’s of course always a good idea to have a “backup” printer/scanner etc.! I luckily still have a ‘07 Lexmark and the Epson XP-310! The Epson is of very simple high quality as well as the option of very affordable replacement ink cartridges that you can find on Amazon, Ebay and others at very affordable prices!


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