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The Sega CD model 2 was a revised model of the Sega CD released in 1993 to accompany the updated design of the Sega Genesis II.

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Disc read errors, potentially belt related?

I have two of these Model 2 SegaCDs. Both seem to have succumb to the same problem over time, which has gotten to the point that they’re basically unplayable now. Basically, there’s a strange grinding sound when the disc needs to access data, and oftentimes the game will straight up freeze at this point. Playing back a regular CD seems to work fine, but if you try to skip ahead the same noise happens and it simply won’t read. It seems to be related to the belt the drives the lens perhaps? As if something has come out of alignment or needs greased or such? Not sure. If anyone’s experienced this issue and knows of a fix, I’d be happy to hear it. Thanks!

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The grinding is likely to be from what is called the sled motor. If I recall correctly, these use a small motor that drives a screw shaft along which the lens assembly rides. You may have a defective gear on that motor. These gears are made from nylon and teeth can break. Some units use belts between the motor and the screw shaft but these I believe use gears. Since these move only a little at a time for CDs, the defect may not be severe enough to affect normal play. Games however tend to require data from random places on the disk which will require extended (and quick) use of the motor.

If you can get access to the drive itself, post some photos of the mechanism and we can confirm this.


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