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Galaxy tablet lite variation released in January 2014. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is a lightweight and easy-to-use tablet.

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My tablet looks cracked when I turn it on but the screen itself isnt

When my tablet is off it looks fine no damage whatsoever but when I turn it on it appears cracked half the screen is black and the other half is distorted

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the touch controls still work and I'm not quite sure what's wrong with it can it be fixed or am I going to have to buy a new one.

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Fairly cheap to repair, depending on how much you paid for the device. The digitizer (touch screen) and LCD (image display) parts cost about $22 together.

Here is link to replacement part from eBay if you decide to get it replaced:


You can buy the replacement part and take it to a reputable phone repair shop to get them to install it for you, you’ll note that you will need to pay for getting the screen installed.

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