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Polaroid Sun 600 LMS instant camera. Released 1983.

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Camera no longer being powered by battery? can't take photos anymore.

My grandma handed me her Polaroid sun 600 LMS and I ordered film for it. It seemed to work fine for the first couple of days. Then I took it out with a friend for a day and after coming back it doesn’t seem like it has any power anymore. I had only gone through half of the film when this problem started. Idk if the heat of the day drained the battery or affected it somehow. I just wanna know what I can do to fix it. I also have another film packet, should I just take out the old one and see if the camera still works with the new packet?

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I put new film cartridge in and it malfunctioned taking a bunch of photos. The flashed worked, but even when I closed the top part of the Polaroid it was still taking photos. It only stopped when there wasn't film left.


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Juan  the film pack has a built-in battery. So in principle the film pack powers the camera. Since it is possible that the heat (or possibly an older pack) depleted the battery, I would replace the film pack and then re-evaluate.

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