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Repair guides and support for your Apple Wireless Keyboard. Connect and command your Apple computer wirelessly.

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Any experience with dissassembly of Apple Wireless A1255?

Hello guys!

I’ve got an Apple Wireless Keyboard A1255. Year 2011, but its in very good shape - rarely used, never spilt any coffee on it.

But a week ago it ceased to turn on. Replaced the batteries, sometimes they’re too short so I do know that tinfoil ball trick to close the circuit :)

However, its still not turning on.

I’ve checked with teardown//dissassembly tutorials here and have almost completed it.

Most circuits are fine - checked the ohmage with multimeter - but cant check the voltage (because the meter is malfunctioning).

Has any of you had any success with repairing it (unless the logicboard is dead)?

Yes, I can throw it away at any time, but would like to give it some last chance. :)

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As far I am concerned, these keyboards are unrepairable when they fail.

Well at least you can still change the batteries in those models, the newer ones have a soldered lithium battery.

Check this guide, it might provide some help:

Apple Wireless Keyboard (A1255) Teardown

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