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Announced on September 9, 2015, the iPad Mini 4 maintains the power of an iPad Air 2 in a smaller form factor.

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My I pad is disabled


I have tried to connect to itune but my account is locked. i have also tried to restore my ipad through itune but it downloads ios (ipad software ) for so long.

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@mjema "but my account is locked" what account is locked?


@oldturkey03 azar is talking about inputting incorrect passcode repeatedly on IPad like when you wake up device and you input your passcode lock, causing the iPad to lock out with the dreaded “Disabled”, after many failed unlock passcode attempts, meaning you have to reset it by DFU mode and connect to ITunes to get around it.


@repair_pug it says locked not disabled. What other lock can you think off?


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Turn device off,

Hold down the Home Button and plug into ITunes Do not release the home button until it shows an “ITunes Logo showing a Cable”

It will then say “Connect to ITunes”

Keep in mind, All Data Will Be Erased.

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