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Released June 2017, the iPad Pro 10.5" replaces the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7".

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no display after reassembly

i dropped my cellular iPad pro 256b today and took the screen off so i could bend the corner back into place so the screen could sit flush after re assembly i have touch but no display i can’t hear the dig when it gets plugged and unplugged and the screen just stays black i’ve tried a hold the home and lock reset but that doesn’t work i’ve readjusted the cables many times still no luck

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I figured out the broblem when I opened up the iPad and removed the screen I forgot to block the connection to the battery and it ended up drying 2 of the backlight diodes not a super difficult fix just have to wait for the online stores to have them in stock

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Did you remove the logic board prior to bending back the housing? Failure to do so may have caused stress on the logic board and cause some damage to the solder connections. You may also have damaged the screen assembly during removal although in that circumstance, I would expect the iPad to still be recognized by iTunes.

Look for any damaged connectors or flex cables, as well as damaged or dislodged components on the logic board near the connectors that may have been affected during the repair. The iPad should boot properly with just the battery connected, no screen and connected to an iTunes enabled computer. If it isn’t then that points to a logic board issue.

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