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Whirlpool Quiet Partner III won't drain

I just reinstalled my dishwasher after it had been stored for a few years in my unheated garage.  The water inlet valve was cracked (big surprise) so I replaced it.  Now when I ran a test cycle, the water is not draining from the dishwasher.

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Could be your drain pump is bad. But sitting for a year also the filter, grinder and area could be full of debris. Here is a great site to give you ideas on how to fix your washer, As you look for a part and click on the part picture you get a video on how to replace this part, but then you can see how the unit is put together and clean your unit out. Or replace parts not working. I am guessing a stuck flap valve also could be stuck closed.


Good luck.


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Turns out the drain pump motor was bad.  Cleaned up the filter, grinder and flap valve.  So far, so good.  Thanks!


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