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The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is a Tablet/Laptop fusion that was released in 2013. The Surface Pro 2 is the successor of Microsoft's Surface Pro and uses Windows 8.1 through Windows 10.

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Won't charge and won't turn on

Our microsoft surface pro 2 stopped charging awhile ago and now it is dead. When the charger is plugged in there is no light to indicate charging. We have tried alternate chargers and it won’t charge. We really need the data off the surface if possible. Any ideas for the technically challenged on how to charge it to get it to turn on so we can transfer the data or how to extract the data? Thank you!

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You will need a new battery ,I had the same issue ,new battery fix the problem . Microsoft will not help also , if you are out of warrant they will definitely not help you, they will try n sell you new device.

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