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This is the first generation of the Ford Escape, a compact crossover SUV. Production started in 2000 for the 2001 model year.

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Why rear of the car wiggles after replacing rear shocks?

I have 2004 ford escape V6 with 200k miles on it.

Recently I replaced rear shocks for smother ride, but unfortunately after replacing them the car started to wiggle or shake from the back of the car after driving for 30 mh.

What could happened wrong? Do you I need to replace coil springs as well?

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if it did not do the shaking and wiggling before you replaced the shocks, check your suspension parts. Make sure that everything is aligned and properly mounted. Double check your work. Do not forget to check your tires. If you had bad shocks, your tires may actually have gotten worn down and may need replacement. This should help you to check your suspension REAR-SUSPENSION.pdf

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Thanks for this answer. Yes it was not shaking before but the shocks were sooo bad and never been replaced before. When I trying to bounce it by myself, it was easy to do it with the previous shocks. Now after replacing them with new ones I'm not able to bounce the car easily but it does not absorbs streets bumps as it supposed to. The rear tires are 6 months old. I checked them, they look fine to me. how can I tell if coil springs need replacement?


@aboodred1 the only thing you can check on the springs is to see if they are cracked. Have a good tireshop take a look at the tires. It does not take long to get damage on those from really bad shocks.


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