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An Android 4.4.2 smartphone released November 1, 2014.

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New Contacts Don't Save in Contacts

I enter all fields in the CONTACTS icon, but they do not SAVE. I also tried going to Call History and locating the phone number and clicking the Contact icon, go thru same process, but does not save. Please help.

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You’ve had that a long time and I expect that you’ve got it pretty full of data. All I can think of is the memory is full. I have 8 GB on my BLU Dash 10 and I’m always cleaning it out, completely reset it once in a while, and store all the apps and data I can on a micro-SD card.

If this isn’t the problem try the factory data reset (under settings-backup&reset) which will wipe everything and you can start over. Get all your data backed up first to your computer.

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