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I can't install any application or open Finder.

Whenever I turn on my mac, the finder functions normally. But after a few seconds, the Finder stops working. Whenever I click it again it says “The application Finder can’t be opened.” Then it has a bunch of numbers (-10810) after that. I can’t download any application on it!

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Sounds like you have a corruption of some sort. But without knowing which model you have I would be guessing on what you need to do to fix this.

How about plugging in your systems serial number here: EveryMac - Lookup and then telling us which model you have.


If you can't open the "about this Mac" under the Apple, then get the serial number off the back cover.


share the screenshot of the error code


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With the laptop on Target Disk Mode (booting from another Mac drive), try moving some files to another drive.

Sounds like your Mac’s drive is too full, which caused apps and Finder to not work.

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