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2010 battery replacment MacBook Pro help

hey guys it's time for a new battery keyboard and track pad I need to know what's the best products for these task I look at new sSD card thing by wb products but the battery I'm lost on amazon has mixed reviews on all of the replacement batteries the mac store want 170 for battery and replacing my mac book pro 15 inch I think it is a 2010 A1278 its not powering up I think cord is dead to and the keyboard stop working before it turned off aND never came back on so fellow neRds this ex nerd turned model needs help I lost some cells lol. so what the shopping list I need on a good budget to upgrade my ace.

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First, I would like to point out that your description is messy, making it unnecessarily difficult to know what problem you’re having.

I would like to guess that your problem would be:

  • Replacing the Keyboard
  • Replacing the Trackpad
  • Replacing the Battery

However you mentioned that your Macbook is “dead” (or simply wouldn’t turn on) because your charger cord broke.

  • So, I’d recommend doing the following:

Try borrowing an 85w Magsafe charger from a friend to see if your Macbook would still turn on.

  • If your Macbook turns on with your friend’s charger, that means the charger is the first problem.
  • After turning it on, try both the keyboard, trackpad and check the battery.

Start by logging in with your password, moving the cursor around and checking if the battery is charging on the top right indicator. If your keyboard and trackpad doesn’t work, try plugging in an external keyboard and mouse, see if that works. Then check the battery health in System Profiler.

Also, try cleaning your Macbook’s trackpad and keyboard connector. I noticed that my 2011 Macbook Pro 15 wouldn’t respond to any Keyboard and Trackpad input until I reseated them.

  • Although costly, just buy an original battery.

I’ve seen some aftermarket OEM battery either swell up or short out after just a few months of usage. These batteries post a great risk if you choose to use them. Remember, it’s better to shelf out a new original battery than buying a whole new Macbook because your old one turned into a fireworks show.

As for upgrades:

  • If you rarely use the Superdrive, just swap it out for an SSD.

Most users decided to swap out their Superdrives for an extra drive bay, either 2.5 drives or an M.2 SSD.

This is a more-or-less a simple performance upgrade over your old HDD for tackling loading times.

  • Try swapping the processor(?)

I believe some Macbooks have socketed processors, so you might as well swap the processor with a much powerful one such as the Core i7, although you better double-check to make sure the new processor works with the board.

  • Add more RAM

This is also one of the most simple upgrade you can do, although it might cost a bit. You should add more RAM to the computer by swapping out the 2x2gb sticks with 2x4gb ones.

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