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2.0GHz, 2.3GHz, or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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MacBook Pro 15 2013 random shut downs and sleep

Hit here :)

I need some help with my newly purchased MacBook Pro 15 2013 2.0GHz (integrated Iris PRO HD 5200). The problem it has a sleep related problem.

Things what I know:

  • I’ve done SMC and PRAM reset - no success.
  • It is usually happening when Youtube video full screen paused and MacBook left for sleep - then indication of that problem is that are fans full on and black screen - not possible to wake it up - just holding power and restart.
  • I’ve been in Apple Store - they said…. MacBook is in fully working condition and they offered motherboard replacement for more that new/used MacBook is worth - so it is not for me :(
  • It is all happening even when new and latest macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra installed - no applications installed to eliminate third-party software fault.
  • MacBook seems to be fully functional until left for sleep.
  • I attach photos of SSD and Battery status (You can see SSD got over 400 unexpected shutdowns - where I guess previous owner struggle with this problem for long time).
  • I’ve done 2 full battery cycles (drain and fully charge).
  • I’ve found 1 small screw near battery circuit board - I think it did not touch and chip - just gold “dot” - or maybe not - but again - I don’t know if it was rattling all over place there.
  • I found out one of the… “spring loaded bars/legs” is lifted as it looks like it broke off/unsoldered from motherboard - no cracks - no rip off anything there and no components there to be damaged - I’ve applied double sided tape and sticked to it to remove contact with aluminium case and push it back (CPU / GPU temperatures are all fine -  around 43.
  • I’ve cleaned whole motherboard and removed and put back SSD and Airport card and I/O board.
  • black screens are random sometimes when use Notepad, but usually when close lid
  • No magnetic field - as my MacBook Air works great.
  • Shutdowns are happening no matter if MacBook connected to charger or not.
  • There are no pink water damage indicators - all white

Block Image

Block Image

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Magnetism is not a risk for computers! You would need to be in a MRI machine before you would need to worry and those ultra strong magnetic fields would grab your Mac and toss it about the room.

In fact your system has a few magnets in it! The lid down sensor is a Hall effect sensor which uses a magnet in the lid. The lid is also held down by magnets. Other parts on your logic board use magnetism to work!


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To start with your battery is on its last legs with 770 cycles it also appears not to be charged as well. Until you can charge the battery to at least 80% it will be hard to diagnose if you truly have a sleep issue or not.

You are also expecting Flash based vids (still present on YouTube) to fully stop, they don’t! So if you put your systems lid down and disconnect the MagSafe the battery will run down. And as we can see here with CoconutBattery the battery is very low.

The spring bar you are speaking about sounds like the heatsink. If that is not making good contact that could cause your system to react poorly when running CPU/GPU intensive tasks. Take a clear picture of this part so we can see what it is and what will be needed to fix it.

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Additional info Dan

- Installing El Capitan - no changes - same shutdowns.

- It was randomly shutdown even at over 90% battery

Now I am testing on High Sierra on USB Drive (to eliminate internal SSD fault).

And then I'll be testing it on external TV because..... now I remind myself at the end our conversation with owner - he said - use in on TV and You'll be fine :/

But Retina appears to be 100% working - but again - APPEARS - but don't know how else to test display other than it is display nice images - very bright etc.

BUT - the crazy thing is - when I connect my Mini Display Port cable it is display only in one port - other it is appear to recognise cable for a moment but no display output.

I had one shutdown when that Mini Display Port cable just removed


After cleaning dirty Mini DIsplay Port - it is working now


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So I think I know what is causing random shutdowns - like that guy / Seller said to me - when connected to TV through Display Port will be fine - so it is - it is working great!

Now the question is - WHY? :)

If display would not work - that would be obvious - but it……….. is I think working ok

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Could it be this - I’ve found small (fan) screw about half inch from this place?

I am testing MacBook now after clean it/scrape it

Block Image

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noup - it is no - still switching off :(


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