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iPhone 7 plus был выпущен 22 сентября 2017 года и увидел свет в качестве двух модификаций: A1863, A1905. Поставлялся с двумя различными модулями мобильной связи: GSM или CDMA, а также с 64 Гб или 256 Гб встроенного хранилища. Цвет корпуса можно было приобрести золотой, серебристый или Space Gray.

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Help identify iPhone 8 logic board components

I have an iPhone 8 that will not come on I’ve identified one of the components close to the battery port connector (RV3C002UN) but am having trouble identifying another component to its immediate left. A mirror/silver like chip was actually broken and without a schematic it is very difficult to identify. If anyone could possibly help it would be greatly appreciated.

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@blaked89 you can make this "the components close to the battery port connector"and "A mirror/silver like chip " a lot easire by posting a picture with the broken component marked. that way people like @refectio can probalby identify this in no time at all. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question to post some images.


Ok thanks, until recently I only read posts but I finally found an issue I could not find myself so I just had put the question out. So first post here. I could upload a picture tomorrow if the pads on the board but the component itself was more or less shattered. The schematic from Minho seems to be the one I’m looking for But I will certainly let everyone know once I find out. I didn’t read his post till after our shops close.


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In general, a shiny glass component is usually a diode or a MOSFET. Check the screen capture of the iPhone 8 Plus schematic below. There is very little difference between regular and plus models on the basic circuitry.

Block Image

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Thanks, I really appreciate it. I’ll look into it as soon as possible and let you know if I can find it.


So i believe it is a TVS but I dont want to post the number/name of the component until I am %100 sure that’s the component that was damaged. Customer is becoming anxious, not sure if I will still have the phone by the time the part comes in. Very fine time limit I am working with lol

Thank you so much for the information and schematic but I do not want to mislead anyone. Will have to update you when it is confirmed. I do apologize.


Were you ever able to identify the name of that shiny glass component?


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