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The Sony Vaio VGN-SR140E was sold between 2007 and 2009 and includes a built-in webcam and Windows Vista.

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sony viao vgn tz37cn no post no display

Hi, I have a really old laptop sony viao vgn tz37cn that has a broken screen. I replaced the display by carefully checking the serial code and wearing an anti static wrist strap. Everything was fine but after I have done the replacement, I tried to boot up the machine, but there is no display, no hard drive movement. However, the fan is spinning, the power light is on. 

I turned off the machine, took off the memory wiped it and put it back, it was still not working. I tried to unplug the motherboard battery and put it back. Still didn't work. Anyone know what is going on out there? Thanks.

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Are you getting logo of sony and then goes to blank Try to restart your computer while pressing F8 and check whether you are able to boot into windows with working display.

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Does not show any logo, just black screen, no beep. only the power light is on, and the fan is spinning, no keyboard light as well.


No beeps means ram is lose or damged first try to clean the ram and the ram port and after inserting try to reboot while pressing f8


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