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Why is there sometimes a red screen on the display?


i ve got an Fujitsu Celsius H910 Workstation with an Nvidia Quadro 4000M. Sometimes i get all over my screen red spots and stripes, which are not straight from up to down . They are covered from the whole screen over the desktop. It comes and goes. I already tried an reflow on the gpu but it seems it didnt got an effect as you can see it here https://youtu.be/lbfMTBya2Sw.

Anybody any ideas please? Thx a lot

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Hi @da_buzz,

Try connecting an external monitor to the laptop and check whether its’ display exhibits the same problem.

If it is OK when the laptop screen isn't then there is a problem with either the laptop’s display panel or the video cable or the video cable connections (either end), between the motherboard and the screen.

If it is also faulty then you have a problem with either the GPU or the motherboard.

Can you make it appear/disappear by moving the lid? If so it may indicate a faulty video cable where it passes through the hinge area between the case and the lid. Just a thought.

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