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Replacing A1660 logicboard with an A1778 on an iPhone 7

Is it possible to replace an A1660 motherboard, with an A1778 one? I destroyed the baseband pad, on my phone’s A1660 logicboard and i need a cheap replacement. The only thing i found, is a model A1778 logicboard. Will the replacement work?

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Hi Yannis!

Physically, the board will fit fine. Bear in mind however that the models are differentiated primarilly by which modem they use - Qualcomm or Intel. So, it should fit just fine. I would also expect it to work fine, but there may be some performance differences. You’ll also want to be certain that the replacement board comes with its original home button or your Touch ID will not work. Finally, be sure that the replacement board is not iCloud locked or you’ll have a whole new headache.



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Thanks a lot Joshua. Your answer was pretty informing.


You bet! Glad to help!


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