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HP Pavilion dv6-1245dx Entertainment laptop computer, manufactured by Hewlett-Packard in 2009.

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Why won't my display turn on?

I have an HP Envy Dv6 (Beats Audio) . I have just recently replaced the battery, but prior to this I was experiencing difficulties with the display. If I turn on the laptop, the power light comes on as does the light over the “wifi/airplane mode key". The fan comes on, and if it is plugged in, the charging light comes on as well.

The display itself however, flicks “on" where I can see that it is backlit but not showing the startup. Then it turns right off and remains black.

Occasionally if I leave the laptop completely turned off and unplugged for (example) a day, it will start normally. However it will continue to experience the same issue a few days.

There are a few other issues with this laptop (overheating, a glitch where if it is not properly shut down it will not recognize any connections, and a few others) but the display is the newest and now most prevalent issue.



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start of by connecting an external monitor and see if that displays properly. If so you know it is either your scren or the connection to it. The DV6 series has had issues with overheating the GPU which could be an issues with yours. You would have to disassemble that laptop and clean it of all dust etc. Preferably replace the heatsink etc. All of your symptoms could be originating from overheating etc. you can use this guide HP Pavilion dv6-1245dx Fan Replacement to work on it or download the service and maintenance manual from here

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Thank you for your reply,

I will start with the external monitor method and proceed to replacing the fan. I had planned on doing it anyways, but your comment definitely assured me I need to do so.



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