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Then came Windows auto update, and the I could never turn it back on

My Dell Inspiron 15", i7 processor, Windows 10, started beeping w black screen. Initially pressing power button down for 15-30 sec worked. Then came Windows auto update, and the I could never turn it back on. Black screen and if I don't press down for over 20 seconds, then beeping too.

I tried removing, draining battery, no luck. I even took out both RAM card, even one by one, but no luck :( Can I rescue it somehow? The new i-7 processor is no less than $1500.

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was there a pattern to the beep? Have you tried an external monitor? All of this worked until a Windows update? What exact model is your Inspiron?


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The beeps are known as the beep codes. Its the computers way of telling you what is wrong with it.

Make note of how many normal beeps it does or long beeps. Look those up according to your computer model and see what it says.

Can remove the battery and ram. Hold power button for 15 seconds. Then plug in the charger with 1 stick of RAM in. See if it does anything from there.

If you removed the processor then go ahead and remove it again and make sure its clean. Make sure to replace the thermal paste with new thermal paste. Otherwise you risk overheating the processor.

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