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iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, model no. A1475. Available in Space Gray or Silver, with 16/32/64/128 GB configurations.

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Battery drains, no water damage

Didn’t notice at first since I thought the iPad battery just needed replacement due to age. iPad was in a beautiful condition, very little signs of use, no signs of water damage nor signs of previous repairs. Replaced the original battery with a brand new good quality SMP battery. Everything works fine from what I can see, no glitch whatsoever, except an unexpected power leak of about 1% per hour. Tried disconnecting everything from the logic board except screen and digitizer, every function was disabled including wifi and localization..no change. Looked around for shorts on main lines and couldn’t find any lead, but I don’t have much experience on iPads and ZXW is not of great help with this board. Has anyone encountered anything similar before ?

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maybe tristar or ios issue


In my opinion, power leak of 1% per hour in idle state is normal, with an aftermarket battery.


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1% per hour seems a bit high but with aftermarket batteries, you never really know. The problem with batteries is that making them is like baking; you apply the same recipe and ingredients but you never really know what you get until you take it out of the oven :>).

What I would do is a discharge test with a constant current load, or even better, a constant power load. Here is an example of a constant current discharge test (@ 0.1C) I did with an iPad Air battery that I suspected as being a so-so battery.

Block Image

The results were pretty good and I went ahead and kept it (it was only 20 minutes shy of my benchmark). You can use a tool like this to do this test and it’s a great way to test batteries offline, perfect for checking if the new supplier is sending you good batteries.

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Love the oven baking analogy :)


Thanks for help. I decided to try again the old original battery that still shows about 80% capacity and behaves nicely with a different board and got the same results. It seems clearly a logic board issue, but with such small power drain I'm quite hopeless to find where the trouble is.


You might want to remove some typical offenders like FCAM/Sensor or the Home Button and then test to see if you have a longer discharge cycle.


@refectio @tech_ni Took out again the iPad from the land of the dead, thinking I might try and replace Tristar..it seems that did the trick..thanks for help.


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