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The fifth-generation Nissan Altima was released in May 2012 for the 2013 model year.

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Why when I let off the gas do the RPM's flutter & the car shakes?

I have a 2014 Nissan altima s. This morning when I was going 40 mph, I let off the gas to slow down and the rpms bounched up and down and it felt like the car wanted to shut off. (It did not shut off though). It was the first time It ever did that, so I continued to drive and I noticed if I drive under 40 mph it doesnt happen. At least not yet. But when I get over 40 mph the same thing keeps happenening. Any ideas?

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Hi there! No there is no check engine light on. I let the car sit for a day or so since then waiting to bring it to the shop and when I drove it a little today it has mysteriously stopped. Although I only drove for 20 mins so I don't know if I drove it longer if the problem would persist. Also, somone told me that the fact I had put gas in the car shortly before the issue started could indicate something with the fuel pump, etc.. But I don't know how accurate that is. Is there anything else I haven't mentioned?


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Do you have a check engine light? How many miles are on the vehicle? Your symptoms don’t help me narrow down what the issue is. Anywhere from throttle body to tune up. I’d just need a little more information

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