very sluggish keeps crashing cant be turned off it just turns back on

this may be very confusing to tell to some people but im gonna assume most of the people who clicked on this is a android expert even beyond my knowledge of it so here is the problem about a week and a half ago i realized my root was gone when i needed to use it so i downloaded kingroot and started the rooting process it froze in the middle and didnt restart it just froze i figured it was lagging from how much ram its taking up so i set it down and went to sleep and when i checked on it it was still froze so i restarted it and it stayed the the sprint part of the boot for a while and when it loaded it up it was so slow that if i pressed anywhere on the screen it would take 5 to 10 secs just to react so i powered it off and and booted into recovery mode the default one that comes with it and resetted my device the slowness went away and then i attempted root again except this time it worked smoothly day later i got punished and it was taken away for a week i powered it off and gave it to my parents i just got it back and powered it up to see that it stayed on the sprint part of the boot even longer i started to worry but then it powered up being very sluggish same with the 5 to 10 second reaction time so naturally i resetted it again in recovery mode except this time when i booted up it still stuck in sprint part for a long time until it loaded up and when it did it was even more sluggish and slow and when i try to set up my device sometimes stops working message pops up with the android rebooting and sometimes when im trying to set it up the screen turns black and it goes to the sprint screen just to power back on a i have to restart and when i try to turn my device off when it does it automatically turns its self back on i literally cant turn it off. so i cant even get my device to the point where it has a homescreen its just on the setup part help i have factory resest it twice in recovery and cleared cache.

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