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Repair guides and support for Nvidia's standalone gaming controller released on January 16, 2017.

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Every time I hit "X" it brings up the Steam menu. Can't play at all.

I have had this issue ever since I got this controller (not the Nvidia one but a different generic one, thought I should mention that) and every time I hit the “X” button on the controller it brings up the Steam Menu making it impossible to actually play anything. I finally broke down and am reaching out for help because I finally bought Skyrim and for some reason I can only play with a controller even though its for PC. That in itself is a whole different issue which is even worse because Ive just been using my mouse and keyboard for games that I want to use the controller and its been okay but now i cant do anything in Skyrim because nearly every action is the “X” button. Anything you guys can do to help i would really appreciate it very much. Ive been looking all over the net for a solution and ca not seem to find anything so please, anyone if you could help thank you in advance.

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Hi @woweeautismcat ,

What is the make and model number of your 'generic' controller?

What OS is installed in the computer that it is connected to?


Its a speedlink and i have windows 7


Best to just buy the original controller for it mate. Best compatible one also would be an xbox 1 controller


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Hi @woweeautismcat ,

Have you installed the drivers for your controller?

Have you checked in Control Panel > Game Controllers to check if the controller has been set up correctly?

Here’s a link to the drivers and User guide for a Speedlink SL 6536 BK controller. You didn’t state the model number of your controller, so if this isn’t the one search the Speedlink website or online for drivers for your particular model controller.

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