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I cant get my car outta the park position.

I am unable to get my car out of park. When i press down the brake pedal and press down the knob on my gear shifter (automatic) i feel a clicking and hear a clicking noise....any help or advice as to what part needs to be replaced and how to fix it would be appreciated.

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Do the brake light work? No brake lights and it won't shift out of park. Check your fuses and check for loose wires. Check your brake light switch. If that has failed, you won't be able to get out of park. The other one if the shift lock solenoid which is in the shifter assembly. The brake shift interlock switch prevents the car being shifted from park unless the brake pedal is depressed. Try to apply power/ground to the proper wires & see if it will activate.. If it does, then the problem is between the brake light switch & that solenoid. Could be the wires or the switch.Make sure the shifter cable is still held down in place at the shifter assembly & under the hood. It is the interlock switch that you hear/feel clicking. you can check on here and take a look at the procedure.It is for the prior generation but may still apply. Here is a Video on how to replace a switch.It is not yours specific but gives you an idea

Good Luck and hopefully you soon will be on the road again...;-)

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People like you matter. Stumbled upon this and it's leading me in a new, better direction. Thanks.

Kind Regards, Jim


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Its the park neutral saftey switch cable

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