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The Lenovo Z70-80 was released in September 2015 by Lenovo, model number 80FG00DCUS.

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My laptop does not want to start any games with the amd graphics card

My laptop is Lenovo Z5170:

CPU: i5-5200U

GPU1: AMD R9 M375

GPU2: Intel Graphics 5500

my laptop was working good till yesterday and suddenly a blue screen had appeared with the error code: thread_stuck _in_device_driver

then the windows did not boot again

then i setup a new windows after that when i try to start any game with the AMD GPU

it does not start or crash at start or give me a full screen of glitches.

I tried every thing

-clean AMD drivers (with DDU in SafeMode)and install latest one.

-clean AMD drivers again and install old drivers from Lenovo website

-reinstall the windows .

the games works fin with Intel GPU but when I change to AMD it is going crazy

how can i fix it ?

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It could be a defective GPU, but I don’t want to say that for sure because if I am wrong Mayer will shame me. All I can say is make sure your graphics and audio drivers are up to date, make sure Windows is up to date, and make sure your motherboard BIOS is up to date too.


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Hi @shrefeltony ,

Try downloading and installing Lenovo Solutions Centre (look under Diagnostics) and then running a hardware scan to see if it provides any more details about your problem.

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