Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a thinner successor to the iPad Air.

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If you have triangles of light and dark patches can it be fixed?

I dropped my air2 and I have noticed that the screen has triangles of light and dark triangles at one of the sides. Can this be fixed?

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We call this “theatre lights” and it means that one of your two backlight circuits is out. In an idea world, the problem would just be that your connector came loose on one but not the other backlight pin, however this is really unlikely. More likely is damage to the screen, followed by a short circuit or open line on the logic board. Unfortunately the Air 2 screens are pretty pricey—but you’d definitely have to get a new screen to rule that out.

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@jessabethany Very well said! Logic Boards for this iPad though aren’t that much cheaper though if the Logic Board is needed to be replaced in the end.

@janniebennie Not to worry though, if the screen does not work out for you iFixit has a wonderful return policy and they will be happy to refund your money if the screen has been ruled out.


uh, no one would replace a logic board! that's what microsoldering is for. The Air 2 screen is crazy expensive though---compared to most other iPads. It would be less expensive to get a used working iPad Air than to buy a new screen for an Air 2.


@jessabethany Interesting how there are Logic Board replacement guides then... ;>)

Okay, fine I get it. I shouldn’t have said that to a microsolderer, lol!


Thank you for all your help guys


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Of course! You can fix this by replacing the screen. I will provide a link to the iFixit Fix Kit and a link to an iFixit tutorial on how to fix your screen.

Fix Kit

iFixit tutorial

It does not matter if you have a Wi-Fi or Cellular model of this device for this repair.

iPad Air 2 LCD Screen and Digitizer Изображение


iPad Air 2 LCD Screen and Digitizer


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Sure. Replace the screen.

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