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Battery operated RC truck designed for rock crawling and off-road terrain. Made by Maisto Tech.

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My truck have no power to steer and crawl.

Hello friends and I’m sorry about my english.

After 2 years turned off, my truck now have no power to play. The wheels have The same speed, but they stop when my finger touch The tire. I tried new alcaline battery (6 of them),rechargable batery, but The problem still happening.

I think that my soons played some times pushing it.

There’s any way to fix it?

Thank’s for helping.

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Hi Gustavo. You have alkaline batteries in the TX but what is in the truck? Do you have Lithium-Polymer battery to run the ESC, RX and motor?

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Hi rjnoodles21.

Alkaline In the truck too. I did not tried LiPo. I was triyng to keep original as possible.

I saw LiPo 7.4 and 11.1V. Can I use 11.1 V?

Thanks for your help.


: You said the truck was stored away for two years? Did you leave the batteries in it for all this time? If so, what did the batteries look like? Any leakage or rust on the positive metal contact in the battery compartment? If so, scrap rust off metal contact posts. I'm afraid your TX and truck are set up for alkaline batteries only. Running LiPo batterie would fry the motor. It wouldn't be able to handle the

output of that battery. And your rechargeable batteries are just the opposite.

It takes like almost forever to charge them to capacity. A Nickle-Metal Hydride that kicks out a low 1.2 volts. If your truck states that you use Alkaline batts, stick with those. And you mentioned your sons push the truck?

that also could be a good reason there is no power and steering. The transmitter sets the parameters of how fast and how much it can turn either left or right. If it was pushed by playing, you might have gears meshed or broken, steering it physically forces it. Let me know what happens.


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