Compatible Water Blocks for Dual 2.5Ghz Processor G5 (June 04')

Hi all -

Just curious if anyone has any real experience with replacing the stock LCS with a non-stock option (or non-stock components to the original stock LCS structure -- ex. water blocks, pump, etc)? If so, please make recommendations.

I read some time ago through the xlr8yourmac forums over some rebuild/refurbish postings... but they never really used any aftermarket parts (other than maybe something small like tubing or o-rings). I revived 2 of these (PM G5 DP 2.5GHz) and tested the CPU's - all good. They both run too hot, though. Guaranteed sign the LCS is failing, clogged or the pump is going. However, rather than refurb them the way I have in the past... I'd like to try a more drastic (and hopefully effective) approach to making the LCS's efficient and lasting. The things I think are feasible are replacing the water block/heatsinks, the nipples for the tubing, potentially the radiator, and possibly extending the reservoir separately to increase amount of fluid that has to be heated.

Just a thought. Any takers?


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