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Pressure spot after screen replacement?

Replaced a severely cracked screen on my friend’s iPhone 6S so I could use it temporarily while waiting for the next gen to come out. Have replaced several screens and am pretty confident at this point.

After replacement, I see a spot (~1x1/4” at the top center of the screen). This spot is only there when the phone is completely reassembled. When i turn it on before the screen is snapped back into the case the screen is fine.

Is this caused by some sort of pressure from under the screen? I’ve removed some of the padding that the connectors come with but this does not help the issue. Anyone ever experienced this before?

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Don’t remove the padding from the connectors, those pads/cushions/sponges are there to insure the connector stays fully seated even after a minor impact.

If you are seeing a white spot, that is indeed caused by a pressure spot. Based on where you say it is, it sounds like its caused by the earpiece/sensor flex bracket or the IC on the screen flex (see the picture here). It is probably not sitting properly within the housing. Also check the battery to insure it is inflated, the black skin around the battery should be very tight, like shrink wrap.

iPhone 6s Screen Изображение


iPhone 6s Screen


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For the iPhone 6 in particular, the pressure-spot will occur if the ribbon Cable is slightly longer than the section on the frame (See Image) allows for.

Block Image

This is an issue that can occur when using an aftermarket screen. If you purchased the screen recently, I would suggest asking for a replacement as this is a manufacturing defect. This issue happens when the size of aftermarket chips, frame, and even ribbon cables are not proportioned the same as OEM screens.

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Thank you so much for this information, you saved my butt!!


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I get this a lot on the iPhone 6s, the screen does not need to be changed out for another one. Simply that rectangle justs needs to be pushed up a little more closer to the top so that it makes clearance from touching the logic board which causes this pressure spot at the top of the screen on the middle column.

You can either push it up then quickly close it up or disconnect the screen with the battery unplugged and use scotch tape to keep it pulled up closer to the top of the screen.

See this image for reference:

Block Image

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