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A game console released in North America by the Nintendo Company in 1985, called the Nintendo Entertainment System, model NES-001.

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How do I fix my audio video connections?

My NES wasnt connecting to my tv, but I found out that when i applied a downwards pressure on the audio and video inputs on my nintendo, it ended up working (i'm sure its not the cables, as I have tested many kinds)

I tried opening my nintendo, but there was no way of accessing the interior of the input/outputs since the video card is saudered on the top of one side and the mother board is saudered onto the other side. What is wrong? What should I do?

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Kelsey Holkestad did you get it fixed or at least looked at? really would like to know how your console is doin.


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My advise would be to disassemble according to the instructions on here. Take the cover of that shields the RCA connection (TV out etc) and take a close look at all the solders as well as the resistor and the PCB. Anytime it works when you apply pressure would intake a microcrack in the solder points etc. It is hard to determine exactly what is going on, but you will have to start somewhere. Attached find the schematic for your console. Good Luck and let us know how you are progressing. Keep those consoles alive :-))

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I have this problem too. I wish she would of responded back. I dont know anything about soldering.


@kevingbryant chances are slim that anybody returns 8 years later to tell us how it went :-) You might want to consider posting your own question and giving us all the details about your console and maybe we can figure things out.


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Hey, I havent had a chance to fix it yet... I'm waiting for my guy friends to come help me :P haha I'll let you know when I do!

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C'mon you can do it.... your friend would be pretty surprised if he finds out that you fixed it...;-) good luck and let us know.


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