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The Canon Selphy CP910 is a compact printer that connects to a camera, computer, and mobile device through a WiFi connection. It is the 34th generation of its kind in the Selphy printer series created by Canon.

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My Printer says ink is empty but I have a new one installed.

I have an Selphy CP760 and it continually says that I am out of ink even though I have replaced it 2 times.

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I can not get my selphy 1300 to reg to my phone I had it for a while put it onto tablet but deleted it off tablet now won't register please help


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Since there is not any answers on this forum yet, I decided to answer it since I found the problem. The problem with this error is that the gear which runs the ink cartridge is missing? I took this device completely aprt and did not find any evidence of that gear anywhere. The motor that runs the cartridge is the smaller of the two.. I looked for a replacement gear for this motor but am unable to locate one. I did use this printer so I know it worked before. So that’s it issue solved sort of..

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How do you get to the gears? I took out 3 screws from bottom but can't get the four tiny ones out!


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Same here. Mine is a CP510, but I have seen the internals of the 7XX series and they are the same, and I have the same problem (it was working some time ago, now it’s not and when disassembling, I saw the missing gear). I am trying to look for a solution, but I think the best is to get another, or just forget about it.

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