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iPhone 3GS white screen after opening?


I have an iPhone 3gs 16gb but has some problems with auto turning off so i decided to repair it by myself with removing the battery for a while(found this as a solution fot my problem).After i opened it and do that when i put everything back together i didn`t hear nothing from the earpiece,only when i press the "loudspeaker".Then i opened it again and check if everythng is attached as it has to be.When i close it come out with the white screen.It responds when i press the lock/power button,but only shows white screen.iTunes recognize it,but because i couldn`t use it with the white screen i try to restore it.Now i cannot activate it,bacause i have only white screen.

What is most likely to be damaged?Cables,the display or something else?

p.s.I tried a lot of times with the hard,soft or every other resets with buttons possible.

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Had the same problem with the whitescreen after opening. My problem was cable #2 wich comes from LCD. The socket was removed from the cable. Or at least it wasn't good attached at the ribon. I've replaced the LCD, and so the socket, and the image came back


sofiane connector 2 is the digitiser and isn't connected to the LCD.. do you mean connector 1? just to clear any confusion for people following your advice/comment..


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You more than likely damaged the LCD thus the white screen, and you damaged either the #3 ribbon, or #3 connector, more likely the ribbon as it is pretty easy to damage. Replace the LCD, and replace the ribbon.

Instructions for the ribbon replacement here:

iPhone 3GS Proximity Sensor Ribbon Replacement

LCD replacement is fairly simple with only 6 screws.

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try reconnecting connector no1 and no3, more than likely not on probably.if that doesn't work then you may have to change lcd.


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