I change my LCD and Digitizer, but my phone won't charge

Sorry if bad english, not native speaker (using translator).

Following the guide to replacing the LCD and Touch on this page, I think I got a decent job for my first attempt at repair. I tried the tocuh and it seemed like there was no problem.

But a short time later I realized that the USB output wasn't really working, the cell phone wasn't charging and I couldn't connect it to a PC either.

I really got nervous at the time and didn't think about doing any more tests.

I disassembled the phone again and tried to secure all the components to see if that fixed it but I got nothing. I've opened it twice and I think I've secured everything without success.

On further analysis, the only difference I could perceive, or noticed, was that I didn't put a glue/paste under the flexible wire in step 26 of the LCD and digitizer replacement guide.

Do you think that could be due to that? Does anyone know what kind of paste it is?

I wanted to check my theory seeing if besides the USB input, the home button (which has the fingerprint reader) did not work either, and thus try to glimpse if it was a general problem of the daughterboard or something similar, but I ran out of battery and nerves did not occur to me to check that at the time.

I know it's an unusual situation and it's not easy to give recommendations, but any help is welcome.

Any other ideas of what I could do?

In advance, thank you.

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