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12.1 megapixel digital camera with 5.1x optical zoom.

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Recently changed lens, camera now won't focus further than 20-30 ft.

I have had a Sony W290 camera for about a year and a half now. Last month, the lens cover got jammed, and since the lens already had fingerprints on it I went ahead and ordered a brand new replacement off eBay. I installed it following a detailed guide, using the ccd sensor from my original camera.

The problem now is that the camera can't focus at distances greater than about 20 feet. I can take a picture of a flower outside and it comes out very sharp, but I can't take a picture of a building or car that would be more than 20 or 30 feet. Looking back at my old pictures, I never had this problem in the past and am wondering if it has to do with how my ccd sensor is installed and the tightness of those screws. Has anyone ever had this problem or would be able to help me fix things?

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Your CCD can not be involved with that problem or all your pictures would have that problem. The problem is in your optics or the mechanism operating them. More than likely since it had been jammed the motor or gears moving them. My first thought is that the system uses something to count the motors revolutions as part of the focus control. When you installed the new lens the motor may not have been retracted all the way. I would try to reseat the optics, it sounds like you are part of a revolution, perhaps a tooth in a gear off.

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Thanks, that sounds like a plausible explanation. When you say reseat the optics, are we talking taking the lens out of the camera again, taking it apart and placing the guide pins back in the appropriate guide slots, such as in the picture link below?


And going back to the CCD - the CCD assembly rests on two small posts and is bound to the back of the lens assembly by two small screws. There is an option to place tiny metal spacers (much less than a sheet of paper in thickness) on these posts to adjust the distance of the CCD to the back of the lens. Could the number of spacers placed (0, 1, or 2 per post) have anything to do with the lack of focus? Two spacers put together are probably less than a mm in thickness.

Thanks for the help.


just a comment about focus problems... I had this after a lens replacement on a different brand camera... it had nothing to do with the ccd (just as abcellars has already said) the problem was the flex responsible for zooms/focus was not in correctly and the photo's were all blurred. I'd reopen and reseat all the flexconnection to the lens. fiddling with gears on these lens is a nightmare.


you absolute star! thank you so much mike... x


You are welcome :-)


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