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What is a good website to buy parts to replace PS4/PS3 parts?

Hi all,

i know this isnt really a question for this forum but i really wanted expert advise. Whats a good site to buy parts for PS3 or PS4 e.g. motherboard, power supply? A site that isnt expensive and that is good quality. I appreciate the answers.

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How much is the lifetime warranty on parts from iFixit worth to you? How much is your time worth? Many parts suppliers use you to test their parts, then are happy to send you another one when the first doesn't work. I’m sure your customers won’t mind the job taking a few weeks while you are sending cheap parts back and forth.

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You can certainly check out the parts iFixit sells for the PS4, but that might not be the cheapest price-wise.

On the part of your question that requests for cheap parts I would say that you get what you pay for. For example, could pay to get a PS4 Motherboard for 30$ on one site or you could get it for 70$ on another site. I personally would choose the 70$ option as that seems more realistic in price then 30$ as just 30 bucks is dirt cheap and “too good to be true” and likely a scam.


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