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Samsung's entry level Android tablets. First introduced in 2014.

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[SM-T377P] Low amperage when charging. Battery? Port?

Have a SM-T377P on a 2.1A charger with a meter which shows 5.2V and a steady 0.46A. The tablet shows the “charging” graphic on the screen. It’s been on the charger for about 20 minutes and has gotten to 1%.

How to tell if this is a battery problem or a charging port problem?

EDIT 1: It’s been about an hour and the battery is at 10%. Does anyone know how much amperage this device SHOULD be drawing?

EDIT 2: I’ve verified that it’s not the battery (swapped a new battery), cable (tried three different cables, all known-good), charger (tried three different chargers with different wattages, none below 10W, all known-good), or charging port (replaced the charging port).

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Have you tried a different charger and/or cord?


Yes, same effect.


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Amp depends but mostly it will be the socket or the battery.

Try removing the battery from mother board and wait for few sec then try to on it with battery.


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I've verified that it's not the battery, charging cable, charger, or charging port.


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